Biz Event | Strategies for Growth

by | Nov 23, 2017 |

Biz Event Strategies for Growth

Finding time away from the day-to-day to think about your business can be difficult. Our #BizEvent focusing on Strategies for Growth, is the perfect opportunity to remind yourself why you started your company and what you want to achieve. At this event Mark Sullivan, CEO of Provenance Brands and Lerryn Ryall and Lucy Cox of MyHalto will give their contrasting perspectives on planning for business growth. There’ll be an opportunity to ask both companies questions following the presentations.

Provenance Brands brings together a family of companies under one banner ‘from our rich earth, from pure seas’. From the outset, Provenance has invested in product development and created links between products and brands which enabled it to expand its market share and trade overseas. Focusing on the stories behind growing Cornish Seasalt; the acquisition of Cornish Seaweed and launching a new brand, Living Sea Therapy, Sullivan will talk about his strategies for growing high performing businesses and how each company contributes to the bigger picture.

MyHalto took 4 years to launch: from spotting a gap in the market, to developing and manufacturing an innovative product, through to launch. Strategy for them, evolved day-to-day and in common with many entrepreneurs, at times the task of running the business overwhelmed the fun bits – like getting out there and selling the product. They must have made plenty of good business decisions however, as after 18 months trading, MyHalto is sold through Bravissimo and the company is exporting to 20 countries through its e-commerce site.

Common to both approaches, is the need to identify a set of values for the business and stick to these. Find out how to think big, be different and be unique at this thought-provoking and inspiring event.

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