Biz Event | Leadership for Growth

Jan 17, 2018

Biz Event Strategies for Growth

Finding time away from the day-to-day to think about your business can be difficult. Our #BizEvent on Leadership for Growth at The Headland Hotel from 8-10am on Wednesday 14 March is the perfect opportunity to remind yourself what you want to achieve next.

Leading an organisation through change is demanding, requiring managers and business owners to juggle the operational and strategic requirements of the company while having the confidence and vision to guide employees to think bigger.

Jonathon Jones, MD Trading at Tregothnan will reflect on how leadership is required to identify competitive advantages and trial new markets. He is clear that Cornish businesses have to recognise their own strengths and ‘have a go’ at taking themselves to market. Tregnothnan recently set-up a pop-up shop in London’s Neal Street, Covent Garden to do just this and shared the opportunity with other companies to test demand for Cornish products. Interesting thoughts from the business that sells tea to China.

Linda Norfolk, Managing Partner at EPC Wheelchairs has spent the past year melding an existing business, EPC Wheelchairs, with new company and a new direction, Inspire and Enable while opening a second site for EPC Wheelchairs in Cornwall. Linda has extensive experience of change management to share: from reviewing organisational structure; mission, vision and values to communicating change and bringing the staff team on board with a new way of thinking.

Find out how to think big, be different and be unique at this thought-provoking and inspiring event.

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