Are appraisals a thing of the past? Absolutely not says Mel Colton Dyer from the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce…

Mel Colton-DyerApparently, in a recent study, only 2% of HR people thought appraisals did any good. The argument is that it’s old-fashioned, ineffective, from the world before the Internet!

However the same study also found that there’s a gaping chasm between what CEOs think is happening with their employees and what employees say is happening. 57% of CEOs believe their employees are “regularly recognised” for their work, skills, and contributions but only 9% of employees agree. That means 9 out of 10 employees don’t feel appreciated or recognized at work and in the same survey over a third of employees say that they would quit a job if they don’t feel that their efforts are recognised or appreciated.

This is why appraisals will never die.

Appraisals play an integral role in the open line of communication between manager and employee, between feedback and silence. It is the chance to offer employees the acknowledgment that they’re looking for, to encourage them to strive for high levels of achievement, and to nip problems in the bud before they grow.


4 reasons appraisals are a must


  1. Nurture Star Employees

Hopefully, you view appraisals as a place to congratulate and thank your employees for the work they do for you. Appraisals are a handy tool to help you figure out when an employee is meeting or exceeding expectations and whether he or she is ready to assume a greater share of responsibility within the company.

  1. Get Your Money’s Worth

Employees that are loyal to a company will have an ever-expanding set of skills making them invaluable. Of course, employees want to be compensated for the value they bring to an organisation and the organisation wants to make sure it’s investing in its top talent with salary increases or even bonuses.

Appraisals can make this murky area a little clearer by offering objective insight into how and when to reward employees for their skills and value.

  1. Groom Employees for Success

Appraisals are also a space for both manager and employee to point out any gaps in training. Whether an employee’s performance is lagging behind because of the quality of training he or she received or whether the employee wants to take on additional training to prepare for future advancement within the company, this is a perfect time to talk about company goals and visions and make sure that everyone is on the same page and to plan for future training sessions as necessary.

  1. Polish Bad Apples

This is the least fun number on this list. In a perfect world, every employee would come to work on time, motivated, with boundless enthusiasm and energy and try to excel in every task, but in the real world that’s just not the case. Hopefully time and space to talk about your needs, their needs and any training to make the situation better will work. However if worst comes to worst, appraisals can be a life (and litigation) saver if a terminated employee retaliates.

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