How to lose customers and alienate people by the Growth and Skills Hub team (we’re not normally this grumpy, honest!)…
“Not being able to leave a message if I can’t get through to a company on the telephone – if the line just keeps ringing and ringing it drives me crazy!”
Claire, Skills Navigator
“Customer facing businesses that haven’t harnessed the power of Google My Business. I don’t want to read all about your history, I just want to know where you are and when you’re open.”
Josh, Skills Hub Manager
“Websites that aren’t designed and written with the customer in mind. If there are too many steps to get to where I want to be, the website has lost me and I’m finding an alternative that is customer-friendly!”
Emlyn, Web Developer
“My bug bear is brands that don’t have open direct messages on Twitter. As a Twitter obsessive, I don’t want to clutter up my timeline with complaints about smelly toilets in a café! So, keep the moaning out of the public eye get into your settings and allow everyone to private message your business.”
Cerys, Web Content Editor
“The big one for me is those businesses who try to differentiate on service. You can’t do that anymore unless it’s truly, incredibly, absolutely exceptional. How many pubs do you see with signs saying: ‘Friendly Staff, Good Food, Real Ales’ etc? It’s 2017. People EXPECT great service as a given, not something they should have to ask for. If your customer facing staff aren’t happy, engaging and helpful, should they really be in front of your customers?”
Chris, Business Connector
“When I’m left hanging on a telephone waiting list for a ridiculously long amount of time and a ‘you’re important to us’ message keeps popping up. Hmmm, actions speak louder than words!”
Julia, Skills Content Editor
“Promising that something will be done by a deadline and then not delivering on that e.g. Mrs Hutchings you will receive that by Monday. Oh, it’s Friday and it’s still not received!!! Grrr”
Lisa, Skills Connector
“Totally uninterested or over friendly service staff. You can be friendly and approachable without pretending you are my best friend. And I’m sure you’d rather be somewhere else but do you have to make it so obvious? As an ex-waitress myself it’s a hard line to toe, but sometimes you need to know when to be accessible and when to walk away!!!”
Kirsty, Communications Manager
…and we opened the floodgates when we asked Nina, our Data Manager, what makes her blood boil…

“When a website does not have a company address – equivalent to buying from a stranger down the pub!”

“When you have to wait for a cashier to come off their mobile in order to serve you…”

“Not having goods priced clearly or having missing labels – that means it’s free, doesn’t it?!?”

“When you click on “view more details” and the information is so scant that you still can’t make a decision or worse it says “Call us” Aaarrggghhhhh!!!”

Phew, we’re glad we got that off our chests. Do you agree with us? Let us know what gets you goat when it comes to customer service by using #alwaysright over on Facebook and Twitter.

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Written by: Julia Hughes
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