Our big day was a great success.  Here are some ideas and tips to help your launch event go smoothly on the day.


You only have a short time to show off your new business so you need to concentrate on networking and selling. There will always be problems people double parking or lost extension lead. Delegate the organising to someone else so you can focus on what’s important.

Work the room

Get your whole team there to meet everyone. Put a human face to your company by getting as many people as possible in the room not just your sales people. You won’t get to speak to everyone so spread the load and get everyone talking!

Think outside the room

How can you share your event with all the people that cannot make it? Think beyond a twitter hashtag, what about streaming the event live, taking questions or posting short live videos?

How about some reaction videos for your new products or some vox pops?

Get everyone talking

You will probably have a lot of people that don’t know each other, so plan to get them talking.  A dry presentation or speaker won’t engage anyone.  A great entertainer might win everyone over, but are they talking about your business?  You want your business to be the centre of the conversation, try a testing table for your product or a video demonstration. Ask for feedback and get something useful customer insights.

Have fun!

This is your big moment, so enjoy it. Or at least pretend you are! You might be thinking all about next day’s sales figures but don’t let that show. If you have a good time, then everyone will and your business will sell itself.