It’s not about how many hours you put in, it’s about productivity. Sign up for a time-management course and learn how to work smarter, zap procrastination and achieve an enviable work-life balance.

Invest one day and save a whole heap of time…

Time Management – Cornwall College Business
Make more of your time, understand where time is lost and get to grips with the impact of this on you and others. On this one-day course you will also explore ways to prioritise effectively and consider how to make changes that benefit you and your team and make a difference to your work/life balance.

Time Management – Truro & Penwith College
Take a day out of the norm to identify time steelers and learn how to minimise them. You’ll also find out how to plan successfully, the benefits of successful delegation and the art of managing others time as well as your own.

Personal effectiveness and time management – Clare Associates
Want to be more assertive, innovative and ultimately make the right impact? This the course for you. You’ll also clue up on how to make more of your time, cope with email overload and avoid distractions.

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Written by: Julia Hughes
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