You’d have to be a pretty awesome business not to have any skills gaps. There’s always something new to clue up on or a hot new trend that could make things just that little bit easier.

For most businesses top training needs fall into ten key areas so if there’s something here that you could do with brushing up on you’re not alone. Spare the blushes and let us help you do something about it…

1. Customer service
Every business has a customer. Whether you’re on the front line interacting with customers day in, day out or your customers are a million miles away, there’s a way to treat them, to exceed their expectations and keep them interested in what your company has to offer. Customer service is one of the most overlooked skills there is.

2. Sales
It’s common thinking that people fall into two camps; you’re either a salesperson or you’re not. Well, the truth is that anybody can sell and if you’ve got a passion for your product you’re half way there. It’s all about mastering the tactics, applying them to your business and tweaking them to excite your target audience. But above all it’s about having confidence and a style that is true to yourself and your business.

3. Admin
This is where many small businesses drown. Paperwork, red tape and processes swamp the actual doing and get in the way of what the business is all about. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are simple tricks that can be learnt, skills that can be developed and tools that can be used to readdress the balance and get things under control, hey you may even learn to love admin!

4. Marketing
So you’ve got an awesome product but your customers aren’t switched on to it, they don’t even know it exists. Failing to get the marketing right is one of the biggest slip ups that businesses make. But it’s the fun part, it’s where you get to shout superlatives about how great you are. From social media and websites to PR and events, the marketing arena is as wide as it is vast but if you pin down the who, what and where it doesn’t need to be a minefield to navigate.

5. Leadership and management
Many small business owners never set out to be a manager. They started out doing something that they love and it snowballed from there. They’ve gone from just managing themselves to managing a team, to being looked up to and held as a leader. And it doesn’t always come naturally, why would it? Leadership and management is a skill that needs to be developed, it’s ever evolving and is one of the greatest skills investment you can make.

6. Finance
If numbers send a shudder of fear through you, it’s time to face finance head on. Pricing, profits and cashflow are pretty important when it comes to success or failure so making finance your friend, not your enemy is one of the best things that you can do. Financial skills come in all shapes and sizes and we can help you find the right training for you.

7. Project management
If you need to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close the work of a team to achieve specific goals, project management training should be ticked off your to-do list. It’s an increasingly in-demand skill to have and has never been more important than in today’s working environment which calls for quick, high impact results.

8. Coaching and mentoring
Knowing how to guide, support and encourage your team in the right way can make them fly. It will inspire motivation, passion and energy and we don’t have to tell you what the benefits to your company will be.

9. HR
Even if you’ve just got one employee you need to be on top of HR. Employee rights, pensions, holiday, health and safety, discipline…the list goes on and on. But it needn’t be a business drain and it can’t be ignored. HR is a skills area that demands attention – there’s lots of help out there and we can show you where to look.

10. Tech
Oh glorious tech, the backbone of the business world. It’s designed to help us but boy can it be a nightmare if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing. Getting to grips with tech can transform your business, we’d go as far to say that it can transform your life – embrace it and reap the rewards.

For a skills review of your business and a hand finding the training solution that’s right for you – whether it’s in one of the above areas or another – we can help!