Here is a round up of resources for businesses to help you prepare for Brexit.

Resources from UK Government to help businesses prepare for Brexit.

This pack from the UK government provides a high-level guide to processes and procedures that are likely to apply to cross-border activity between the UK and the EU in a ‘no deal’ scenario.

This presentation pack from the UK government EU Exit Business Readiness Forum on how businesses can prepare for a no deal exit from the EU.

The UK government have released a series of ‘no deal’ technical notices and practical guides that provide information relating to potential outcomes.

Government website for “Prepare for EU Exit” aimed at businesses and individuals.

HMRC video EU exit guides  

Business in no deal EU Exit: overview of changes at UK border you may want to prepare for

HMRC Playlist on YouTube

Cornwall Council dedicated Brexit page

Cornwall Council guide No Deal Brexit : What businesses need to know

Notices from the European Commission departments on how Brexit will change their areas of law and policy.

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