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Business overview

Ten years ago, travelling in New Zealand, Toby found himself in a little place called Barrytown where there was not much to do apart from trying out the local axe throwing range. Despite loving the experience, it wasn’t until years later that he saw axe throwing experiences becoming popular in the States and Canada that he thought about starting a business here in Cornwall.

With a background in sports management, running a local leisure centre. He just needed to take a specialist course in axe throwing before launching with his wife Ellie in 2018. They have grown the business to open an indoor centre for parties and team building. Before the pandemic, the plan was to expand with more locations, but now he has pivoted his model to throwing outside and offer experiences off site with weddings proving popular!

In the early days you are looking for financial support, but there is more than that, signposting and seeing things from different angles.

Toby Stacey

How we helped

Toby saw us just as the business started, where we talked through some of the basics of starting a business such as finance and marketing to get him off on the right track. Toby then met with Connector Christina two years later where he discussed his expansion plans and any funding in response to Covid-19.

He was signposted to help for new businesses and for training in digital marketing. Toby has also applied for a Kickstart grant to help his investment into diversification of offering axe throwing experiences on location.

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