How we've helped Brad Waters Art

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Business overview

As a teenager, Brad was inspired by street art. From New York subways to the UK via the South Wests’ heart of graffiti in Bristol, it found its way to a young Brad. Then followed a 20-year creative career as an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and website design.

Alongside his full-time jobs, Brad has worked self-employed as an artist and is now represented by a gallery in London. He also undertakes specialist commissions for corporate clients to create murals on and in buildings and public work to brighten community spaces.

He came to the Growth Hub looking for help to prepare his side hustle to be ready to take full time.

“I am passionate about my business because while there is a still client centric focus at times, I am developing an approach to a creative activity that is more centered around my own vision. It is now about developing as an artist rather than designer with my own style and language.”

It was helpful to focus on areas of the business and the opportunities

Brad Waters

How we helped

Brad joined a review session especially for start-up businesses. These sessions were for people who had recently started a business or had an idea for a start-up or wanted to be self-employed. At the sessions they would find out more about the support especially tailored for start-ups and discuss running a business as a group.

The networking opportunity of the sessions was what Brad found the most helpful. He still keeps in touch with the people he met. “Talking to other people and sharing experiences and knowledge that other people might not have was helpful.”

Brad also had a follow up with Connector Matt who discussed with him options for his creative business, potential funding and target markets.

His aim for the rest of this year is to look at a local sales outlet for his art and to continue to grow his business with mural commissions.

Business name Brad Waters Art
Contact email [email protected]