How we've helped Chloe Woods Interiors

Growth Hub case study

Business overview

Chloe has been an interior designer for over 20 years. Motivated by wanting to start a family, she decided to become self-employed to have more flexibility. Her experience meant she was able to pick up some large projects almost straight away on moving to Cornwall in 2015. The downside of which was that she had less time to focus on the growth of her own business.

“When those projects came to an end, that was when I felt a bit lost, I was thinking - how am I going to do this, how am I going to grow, when nobody really knows I am here.“

It was a really nice little confidence boost, to hear someone frame it differently and say, you’ve got a growth plan

Chloe Woods

How we helped

Chloe’s review with Connector Jacqui focussed on what support she could access to increase her brand awareness. The first steps were putting her in touch with networking opportunities within the hospitality industry.

Another area for support was for her marketing. The business didn’t have a Facebook or Instagram page at the time, so Jacqui put her in touch with Unlocking Potential to access their training to develop a marketing strategy.

“It made me think about the different avenues rather than just having a website and crossing your fingers”

Business name Chloe Woods Interiors
Contact number 07803 724 297
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