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Business overview

Kerra started her business 16 years ago after having her daughter - running a restaurant and having a small baby didn’t really go together. So she took a job as a chef and set up Kerra’s Catering on the side until this became full time; working with husband Robert.

In normal times, the business would be busy all year round, with a range of customers from weddings and parties to corporate events.

Business is always changing, even without Covid. The Growth Hub and Unlocking Potential have always got their finger on the pulse.

Kerra Buchanan

How we helped

Kerra’s plan was to scale down her hands-on day-to-day involvement in the business by hiring a manager to do the heavy lifting of the operations, so she could spend time more productively working on the business. She met with Connector Chris back in 2018 and he pointed her in the direction of Unlocking Potential to support her with coaching and development. She credits this advice with helping to steer her business not only to achieve her aim of being able to step back, but to also have the right processes in place to respond to lockdowns.

Getting the business model right has helped her cope financially and emotionally with the impact of the pandemic. Being able to furlough her loyal staff team and keeping her customers happy has reduced the stress of 2020. Kerra successfully received the Covid Kickstart grant to help her adapt her trading to be able to cater outside in a mobile kitchen and promote this new feature with website development.

Business name Kerra's Catering
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