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Business overview

Matt started his business three years ago, but had been working as a freelance marketing consultant alongside his main job in the travel industry for around 15 years. The freelancing was expanding until it eventually became the main source of income, so de decided to quit the day job and go full time.

“I started Paddle Creative and thought - right, I have got a brand now and want to grow this as its own business rather than freelancing”  

It is competitive out there. The business support team, was great giving that little edge. The people to network with, the grants to access.

Matt Connelly

How we helped

2020 has been up and down for Paddle Creative. With everyone feeling the impact of COVID-19 established businesses have put things on hold. It has been people with more time to think that has seen a new area of growth.

“During the lockdown, people have had a chance to reassess. Whilst sat at home, or on furlough they are thinking about that idea for a business they have always had at the back of their mind.  Of all the new clients I have had this year 80% have been start-ups.”

Matt came to the Growth Hub looking to increase his knowledge of the local business community to find more B2B customers in Cornwall. He spoke to Connector Chris about local networking opportunities and groups he could tap into.

Chris also signposted Matt to the Covid recovery Kickstart grants. Matt applied for professional photography equipment so he could add this to the suite of services the business could offer alongside the drone videography and bespoke marketing. His plan for 2021 is to develop his market offer to local hotels and hospitality businesses. With his passion for the travel industry, he sees this as a perfect fit for this vital sector in Cornwall.

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