How we've helped Pirates of Penryn

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Business overview

Created in Cornwall by Cait & Matt, this new board game from SeaGriffin Games is packed full of pirates, rum, sea monsters, whirlpools, shanties, silliness and sailing.

Caitlin first came up with the concept two years ago on a long train journey. She recalls, "I thought that a game with sailing at its heart would be a great idea. The tidal estuary at Penryn in Cornwall, is a perfect setting"

"We thought we could just waltz up to a big manufacturer and say we’ve designed this really cool game" says Matt "and they would just give us a wodge of money and they’d do the rest of it. Of course, that didn’t happen!"

Taking the initiative, they launched the first of two Crowdfunding campaigns. The first didn’t fly, but at a finance meeting at their bank they met Christina from The Growth Hub who signposted the pair to a series of workshops on setting up a business, financing and legal requirements. A second successful Crowdfunding campaign followed.

"We’ve had our first year of being on the market, which has been fantastic. We managed to get the game into National Trust shops and museums and other retail outlets."

The Growth Hub has been a fantastic help. Their friendly pro-active approach has made a real difference to our business.


How we helped

Cait commented that "We can draw a direct line between Growth Hub's proactive help and our biggest backer in the second crowdfunding campaign. The advertorial that we did with Growth Hub on Cornwall Live led to that key person seeing our campaign, and backing us for £1000. It was a pivotal point for the business."

Matt added "We started off knowing almost less than nothing about the business side of things. The courses we were directed towards helped us get our heads around marketing and target audiences and all that stuff that you don't think about when you're busy designing a silly game about dastardly pirates and filthy rum!"


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