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Business overview

Tracy‘s journey to running her own business is a personal story of using fitness to overcome and control anxiety and grief and now she is on a mission to share what she has learnt with others.

She doesn’t train people to look a certain way, she trains for wellness. To help people find different ways to cope with daily stresses and mental health issues. Explaining her business, she says that movement can be a medication and meditation. She is there to support her clients and that is her priority.

Tracy looks back at her old life as a Hospitality Manager running bars and restaurants like it was a different person.

“I was paid to party; I wasn’t interested in fitness at all”. But her job was masking a deeper issue with drinking and anxiety.

She was always known as a worrier. It was her Dad passing away nine years ago that was a tipping point for a downward spiral.

“I was self-medicating with alcohol, my anxiety was through the roof and I realised I wasn’t able to grieve.”

Tracy started to make changes in small steps, giving up drinking for a month which stretched to three months then starting to ride her bike before work and then after work as well.

“I used to go out at 5 o clock in the morning, because it was dark, and no one could see me cry and it enabled me to grieve. A year on, I was able to start processing what had happened. It also allowed me to see that I had been suffering with anxiety for as long as I could remember and now was a time to face it instead of drinking to forget.”

The big changes in her physical and mental health sparked the idea of becoming a personal trainer.

“It felt like it was really wrong to keep this to myself, almost selfish.”

Tracy put as much dedication into her new career as she had with her own fitness journey, so now she has more qualifications in fitness, personal training and counselling to list.

They were very open to hearing people’s ideas and wanting to help in any way that they can

Tracy Waite

How we helped

Tracy met with Connector Chris for a free business review. Tracy was put in touch with Cornwall Marine Network for help with marketing training to expand her client base. She completed the course by video at the start of the coronavirus lockdown.

“Taking part in business support has made me invest in learning. The counselling and talking therapies will be beneficial to my business and that is my plan. Combining the movement side with therapy and taking this outside. Almost like a journey on foot”

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