The Atlantic Inn

by | Nov 28, 2019 | 0 comments

Leigh Santi runs the Atlantic Inn in Porthleven with her partner Adrian. The pub serves proper, traditional, home-made pub food and boasts breath-taking views of the sea from the Lizard to Mousehole.

Keeping her team motivated and skilled-up is key to the pub’s success. The Skills Hub has been helping her along the way.

“In this day and age, you can’t fall behind. Huge companies have their own HR departments to train their people, but smaller businesses don’t. The Skills Hub really helped us. I didn’t realise what was out there. You receive emails from the councils and other organisations promoting courses, and you have a quick flash through. But until you sit down with someone and see what’s available, it’s hard to choose. Some courses are even free, which is even better for us as we run a tight budget,” says Leigh.

Leigh worked with Clair from the Skills Hub.

“Clair gave me a whole load of training options for our bar staff and kitchen – customer service courses, sessions to help chefs stay top of the latest food legislation, kitchen management courses and ways to spark new ideas to help the pub grow.”

Leigh found sitting down with someone who understood the training landscape and could find the courses that suited her employees really helpful. The staff at Atlantic Inn are happy too.

“They appreciate the time we took to organise training. Our front of house team understands our customers better and as a result are more friendly, offering extra services, knowing when to up-sell.  Our kitchen is happy we took steps to improve their skills and working environment.,” says Leigh.

“Invest in your staff, give them the training they find valuable and they will be motivated to do their best.”