Castle Vets

Having been around for over 130 years it’s fair to say that Castle Veterinary Group in Launceston knows a thing or two about sustainable development. Their staff have long been at the heart of the business and they appreciate the importance of continual improvement. They’re the type of business that doesn’t rest on its laurels. So when a conversation with the Growth Hub led them to the Skills Hub for help identifying skills gaps and areas where training could improve efficiency, it was an opportunity that they couldn’t resist.

In a one-to-one meeting between Steve, HR and Business Manager, and Lisa from the Skills Hub, the whole business was reviewed. Specific areas where training could have an impact were uncovered and courses identified. As a result, staff from the administration and support team have completed a number of courses with others in the pipeline.

“Some of the training that has really helped is a MailChimp course which has enabled us to produce high quality html newsletters so that we can send regular information to our customers,” says Steve. “People appreciate it if you invest in them and invest in their training. When the team come back from training it is fantastic to see that they are genuinely motivated and excited to put their learnings into practice.”

On the back of a presentation that Lisa gave to directors and the management team, Castle Vets has reviewed its whole appraisal process and is stepping it up a gear to ensure staff appraisals offer real value to both employees and the business. And there’s more. The Skills Hub also opened Castle Vets’ eyes to the power of apprenticeships and they’re now in the process of recruiting a level two customer service apprentice.

How the Skills Hub has helped


Assisted enrolment on a MailChimp workshop


Supported the development and recruitment of a level 2 customer service apprenticeship


Inspired enhancement of staff appraisal process

What is Steve’s advice to other businesses?

Castle Vets benefits from a Skills Review“Without the Skills Hub intervention I think we would have tried to find the training that we need but we would have fumbled in the dark,” says Steve. “The skills review really helped us to identify the right places to go and was essential in uncovering areas where we could really benefit from upskilling.

“I would recommend the Skills Hub to other businesses for a number of reasons; it’s free and impartial, and for the sake of half an hour why not? It’s an opportunity to gain an expert external perspective on your business which could just transform things.”

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