Naked Solar

As a leading installer of solar PV panels, Naked Solar in Newquay helps residential and commercial clients harness the power of natural energy in their homes and businesses. Now, with the help of the Skills Hub, Naked Solar itself is reaping the rewards of natural energy from a source of another kind – it’s people.

In the last six months, Naked Solar has embraced staff development and training like never before. Apprenticeships have been started and sales training has been completed. Skills sets in everything from digital marketing to leadership and management have been reviewed and the team of 13 are feeling brighter. “The team has been given a morale boost and are feeling more valued – and that’s just for starters,” says Managing Director, Tony Sampson.

What did the Skills Hub do?

Naked Solar’s skills journey began in January 2018 when our Skills Connector, Ian, visited Tony at his office for a Skills Review. “Ian was brilliant,” explains Tony. “He really took the time to get to know us as a company and by asking lots of probing question helped me to consider things that I had never thought of before. On the spot he was able to give me loads of useful and tailored information – and it just kept coming in the weeks and months that followed.”

But what stood out most for Tony was the time that Ian saved him. “If I were to research all the training options myself it would have taken days, if not weeks,” he continues. “Ian quickly and expertly pointed me in the right direction which was invaluable and reduced the time pressures that had previously caused training to fall by the wayside.”

And the result?

Significantly, as a result of the support provided by the Skills Hub, Installations Manager, Kyle Edwards has started a Level 4 Management apprenticeship.

Ian explains: “Having risen through the ranks of Naked Solar, Kyle had undertaken some on-the-job management training but Tony wanted to offer him something more formal. Modern apprenticeships offer huge benefits to businesses wanting to develop existing members of staff and like Naked Solar has found, are both cost-effective and highly relevant to business operations.”

Kyle adds: “I am currently at the start of my apprenticeship but have already undertaken some assignments and have learnt a great deal. It is difficult getting back into education after so many years, but the support of my work colleges and tutor is fantastic.”

The Skills Hub also coordinated a bespoke sales training workshop for five members of the Naked Solar team and supported skills development at a strategic level.

How the Skills Hub has helped

  • Recommended and facilitated a Level 4 Management apprenticeship for an existing member of the team
  • Referred to taster leadership and management workshops
  • Coordinated a bespoke sales training workshop
  • Explored and signposted to suitable digital marketing training in WordPress, SEO and Google AdWords

Staff development is absolutely critical to keeping staff engaged. Training improves productivity and when staff feel accomplished and know that they are making a valuable contribution it provides a massive confidence boost. The Skills Hub has been instrumental in helping us to give training the investment that it deserves.

Tony Sampson

Managing Director

Inspired by Naked Solar? Book a Skills Review with the Skills Hub to find out how we can help you work smarter and thrive through skills and training.