Piran’s Playful Piskies

Piran’s Playful Piskies soft play centre in Callington is a vibrant company with as much energy as the children who go there to clamber over the play frame and burn off steam in the ball pool. Since its 2014 launch it has gone from strength to strength but with an appetite to keep improving and move the company onto the next level, Director Annie Keegans, got in touch with the Skills Hub.

What did the Skills Hub do?

From an initial Skills Review to get to know the unique workings of the company, our expert Skills Connector, Lisa, has been by Annie’s side.

Lisa kicked things off by helping Annie evaluate the skills set of her ten strong team and identify both skills gaps and development areas. Customer service, digital marketing, leadership and HR came out as growth areas with the potential to have the greatest impact. This formed the foundation of a training plan which, with Lisa’s encouragement, was quickly put into action.

From using her contacts to source bespoke customer service training to sharing her own HR knowhow around implementing and delivering effective staff appraisals, Lisa has provided Piran’s Playful Piskies with over seven hours and counting of free and impartial skills support.

And the result?

In just six months, progress has been significant. Each and every member of the Piran’s Playful Piskies team, including Annie and fellow Director, Dan, has undertaken training – and there’s more in the pipeline. Staff development has escalated in priority and the team have pulled together to upskill and share learnings. As a result they are feeling more confident in their roles and as Annie explains, customers are benefiting too: “Our group customer service training with Devon and Cornwall Training Services was invaluable; we identified areas in which we can improve and came up with lots of ideas that we are already putting into practice.

“We are more engaged, proactive and all round better at providing quality service as a result. It has boosted staff morale and inspired a cycle of continual improvement.”

Skills Connector, Lisa, adds: “Annie and her team have been model clients. They’ve long been engaged with, and switched on to the benefits of training but the day-to-day of running a young business meant that it was lingering on the to-do list. They’ve been open minded and fully committed to embracing staff development opportunities and I’m pleased to see that their efforts our already being rewarded. I can’t wait to see where the future takes them.”

How the Skills Hub has helped

  • Sourced bespoke customer service team training
  • Secure places on marketing, strategic planning and finance workshops
  • Referred to Rising Stars Leadership and Management programme
  • Supported liaison regarding apprenticeships
  • Provided an introduction to staff appraisals and signposted to the online Skills Toolkit

The Skills hub have been fundamental in helping our business go from strength to strength. Lisa has coached us in a professional, yet friendly manner and has helped with a number of things. I would recommend this to any business; it’s free and you’ve got nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

Annie Keegans


Inspired by Piran’s Playful Piskies? Book a Skills Review with the Skills Hub to find out how we can help you work smarter and thrive through skills and training.