Popplestone Studios – Travel to the mainland

by | Nov 14, 2019 | 0 comments

Emma Kate Humphries left the beauty of her newfound home on the Isles of Scilly to learn how to manage and market her business better. A few days attending Unlocking Potential’s business breakthrough course on the mainland gave her the skills and confidence to make a few changes. The Skills Hub found the course for her and helped her up with funding for the trip.

“The training session was ideal. It included one-to-one facilitation, a tutor who helped me apply the lessons to my business situation,” says Emma Kate, owner of Popplestone Studio, where she sells her handmade, one-of-a kind buttons and jewellery inspired by the hues and spirit of the islands.

“Funding for my travel and accommodation meant I could stay over during the course. This gave me an evening to process what I learned and prepare for the next day. Most importantly, it allowed me to step away from my studio and consider things more, more focused time to think about my business.”

Emma Kate left teaching in North Yorkshire last year, to move to St Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly. In January she was fortunate to join established artists and designers at Phoenix Studios. Determined to make her craft into an income generating business, she attended a local business event. A timely encounter with Trish Peacock, the Skills Hub Connector for Scilly, enabled her to identify the skills she needed to launch her former hobby into a reliable money maker.

“Trish was really helpful. We had a good talk and then she went away to do some research. She emailed me later with courses she felt would be best for me. I immediately gave her the thumbs-up. She sorted out the free course and funding for accommodation and travel to the mainland.”

Reflecting on her Skills Review, Emma Kate comments:

“Sometimes you feel you’re being pushed down a route. Do I want an online shop? Do I need to be posting content on social media? It was a good chance to ask myself what I wanted from my business and my life. I achieved a great sense of clarity and left with the reassurance I needed.”

Emma is still looking for ways to improve her business further.

“I’m now working on my latest business growth endeavour. My plans require a laser cutter and will be getting support through Access to Finance. “

If Emma Kate could pass advice to other businesses, here’s what she would say….“What’s obvious to someone on the outside, isn’t always apparent to you. But that’s the insight that can really launch your business.”

“If left to your own devices, we would all just continue doing what we like. It’s important to stop and take stock. Trish from the Skills Hub helped me do this, she’s encouraged me to learn and grow.”