Rebel Brewing

In this video, Shirley talks about her business and their journey with help from the Growth Hub.

Back in 2016, Shirley Cormack-Trezona saw that the Rebel brewery had gone into liquidation and needed new buyers, so she decided to snap it up! Along with her two Co-Directors, they bought all of the equipment, recipes and branding and set up business! Rebel Brewing is now a multi-award winning, independent Cornish brewery whose dedicated team produce a top range of quality ales.

Between the thee of them they have a wealth of knowledge but were missing a few keys skills that they needed to take the business forward. Shirley knew she wanted to get involved with the Growth Hub for networking and business support, so she took the leap and got in touch.

The Growth Hub have signposted what’s important to my business. Rather than being vague, they’ve tailor-made their connections to move us on further with people who are now helping us. The meeting, wasn’t just ‘where do you see yourself in a few years’. It was very much finding out who we were as a business and as people. Matt worked really hard in investigating our principles and what was important to us.

Shirley Cormack-Trezona


How the Growth Hub helped Rebel Brewing


We put Shirley in touch with SWMAS, for expert manufacturing advice.


A referral to Outset Finance and SWIG.


We sent Shirley to various business networking events.

Shirley accessed business support with the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Growth & Skills Hub. If you’re ready to take the next step with your business, click the button or call 01209 708660