St Ives School of Painting

As milestone birthdays go hitting the big 8-0 is a significant one and for St Ives School of Painting it coincided with an exciting culture shift.

Spearheaded by significant growth that, over the last three years has seen the team increase from three to 10, St Ives School of Painting – or rather, Operations Manager, Janet –  got in touch with the Skills Hub for help developing the newly expanded team.

With our skills expert, Ian, providing guidance and an external perspective, Janet identified leadership and management skills as areas where development would have the greatest impact. “With a growing team, leadership and management is more important than ever before,” explains Janet. “Through the Skills Hub we have been introduced to coaching and mentoring as well as strategic development opportunities.  Managers also received supervisory and time management training.

“We have also discussed customer care training and we’re looking forward to a bespoke workshop tailored to our needs and delivered in-house later this year.”

How the Skills Hub has helped


Coordinated a bespoke customer service training workshop delivered to the whole team


Referred to supervisor level management training


Introduced four staff members to time management training


Researched coaching and mentoring opportunities

The School offers quality art workshops and courses in everything from painting to drawing and welcomes people from all over the world to either learn new skills or hone existing talents. It has ambitious growth plans and as Janet says, “Staff development and training is hugely important to the continued success of St Ives School of Painting. Without it we will find it increasingly difficult to maintain our delivery of a quality service. It allows us to be more efficient and makes sure we follow our strategy. Staff development is very significant for our future success.”

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