Why choose Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly for your business?

Cornwall? Really?

Rich in heritage, naturally beautiful and with the most stunning coastline in the UK, Cornwall has a lot to offer any visitor and we have a great thriving tourism industry here, but what about as a potential destination for your business?

It’s just the home of Pasties, right?

Cornwall has more to offer than most would think and makes an attractive proposition for any potential business relocation. Apart from a hugely creative culture spanning culinary excellence, a natural home to artists of all mediums and gaming and software companies, we also have a thriving renewable energy sector down here. The diversity of business sectors is expanding all the time and we’re doing everything we can to help businesses achieve their goals.

Superfast Broadband

In 2012, the internet contributed to 8.3% of the UK’s economy, a bigger share than for any of the other G20 major countries. With over 8 million people in the country running an online business, it makes sense to live in area of superfast broadband.

Fibre broadband it is now available across 95% of the region and parts of Cornwall were the first in the UK to get superfast fibre broadband to the premises.

We have some of the fastest average connection speeds in the country and the rollout is continuing quicker than any other part of the country.

This makes running an online business essential. What better place to build your global empire?

Business Diversity

Through natural resources, rich industrial heritage, targeted investment, and successful individual companies, Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly have become a renowned location for several sectors that will be at the forefront of the future global economy.

We have strong economic representation in the following sectors and more:

Tech & Digital Creativity, Marine Renewables, Food & Drink, Aerospace, Aviation, Renewable Energy, Smart Grids, Advanced Engineering, Biomedics & Healthcare, Marine Industry.

"There are some really amazing e-health and 'Internet of Things' products emerging at the moment, renewables tech companies and games start-ups are starting to gain traction too. There are some real hidden gems, who operate globally and virtually from Cornwall"

Work/Life Balance

We are home to a world-class knowledge-based economy, committed to supporting the region’s people and businesses.

With such a beautiful environment and relaxed way of living, this helps to promote a great work/life balance which is essential for a thriving workforce. We have a pool of local talent coming out of our established award winning universities and colleges graduating in a vast spectrum of subjects. We actively encourage retaining local talent and inward migration.

The culture is very much “work hard – play hard” and with a huge range of different opportunities on offer in this corner of the country, it’s the perfect place to bring up a family, socialise and network all at the same time.

So what are you waiting for?

Our road infrastructure is continually improving.

There are now flights all week from Newquay Airport to London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Leeds-Bradford and many other major European destinations.

We also have an hourly train service from Penzance through to London Paddington for those big city meetings.

The Invest In Cornwall team are available to assist your business with identifying opportunities, introductions to the supply chain, establishing the talent pool available and access to finance in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and much more.

We’ll see you soon!

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