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Working with other businesses can create beautiful partnerships and here at the Growth Hub we are playing match-maker.

We have developed a tool that will bring people and businesses together to make big plans.


No matter what you are looking for, if you need some else's help then Collaboration Junction can set you on the right road.

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Some of our latest collaboration postings

I'm looking for people who might be interested in a new co-working space with flexible childcare attached to fill in my survey. This will help me pinpoint exactly what people would like from the service and how they would want to use it. ..

Could you offer a business insight placement to regulatory staff to help them gain a better understanding of how they might offer more effective support?..
Innovate UK is researching about the attitudes and behaviours of UK businesses towards R&D and international markets via a short survey to improve services...

"One of the things that I think makes me successful is the way in which I collaborate with others. In my opinion, nothing great is ever the product of one mind. It's always a consequence of some sort of self-critical collaboration."
Nick Hanauer