A SME from Northern Swedish Lapland is looking for a partner for a manufacturing agreement for production of their premium beer products

Collaboration specification

The nomad brewery is located in Northern Swedish Lapland and they develop and produce a number of beer products. The SME was founded in 2013 and has an excellent reputation in their area of business. The SME is a small brewery company dedicated to the skilled manufacture of exclusive, high quality products.

The product range includes a wide variety of beer styles, everything from IPA (Indian Pale Ale) to adaptations of wild yeast styles such as gose or lambic. All products are developed locally in the region, whereas some products originate in a feeling or a distinct smell characteristic of a specific nature, e.g. the mires of the northern region or the smells and feeling of the moose hunt. Further, the SME’s products are created by skilled artisans, in accordance with Swedish regulations governing food production. Skilled manual production and detailed knowledge are the main characteristics of artisan beer brewery, and apply throughout the entire process.

The SMEs berry products are made without any preservatives or unnecessary additives; they work on a small scale, with very limited batches. The beer products contain a large proportion of unique mix of flavours, which gives them their genuine, unadulterated flavour. These factors give rise to unique beer products that are not only exclusive, but also of exceptionally high quality. In addition, the SMEs location, Northern Swedish Lapland, is characterised by its picturesque, unspoilt countryside and pure water which provide for high class products.

The SME is now looking for partners who could produce their premium beer products. The sought partnership is a manufacturing agreement, which would enable the SME to expand their market internationally.

Partner expertise sought:

– Type of partner sought: The sought expertise is a professional brewery with high quality processes that can manufacture premium beer products.
– Specific area of activity of the partner: The sought partner should be an SME. The partner should be
a brewery and should be able to produce and manufacture high quality premium beer based on receipts from the Swedish SME on an industrial scale. The sought partnership is a manufacturing agreement.

Advantages & innovations:

The SME provides products with rare and very specific flavours, not to be found anywhere else in the world. The approach to the brewing process is artisanal and they do everything from foraging for herbs and berries to the design of bottle labels and creating new beer poetry for each batch of beer.

Development Stage:

Already on the market – The products are mature and ready to distribute to a large audience.

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