Organiser: InFocus (Unlocking Potential)

In these four morning InFocus sessions, we’ll help you look hard at your online effectiveness, work out what needs to change and come up with a practical plan to transform performance, so that you’re up-to-date, fine-tuned and ready to go.   

Spread over two weeks in May (11th, 18th, 25th and 27th), these interactive virtual sessions will feature tough questions and bags of detail, not easy answers and generalisations, but there’ll be help from our team and the opinions of invited experts to guide you through it all.   

Whatever the volume of your current traffic, ‘Digital Basecamp’ will develop your insight into what does and doesn’t work, and how your website fits into the digital marketing mix. You will leave with a full digital marketing plan, the resources you need to deliver it, and the knowledge of how to get any extra help you might need.  

Specifically, expect the sessions to help you get a solid grasp of: 

  • How you can help search engines to understand and file your content
  • How to find keywords and use them to your advantage 
  • Content marketing and driving traffic to your website
  • Enhancing your website’s user interface
  • How to measure performance using Google Analytics; and 
  • Action-planning your digital marketing work to make it happen and reap the rewards.

These InFocus workshops perfectly complement others we’re running on value proposition, email marketing, business development, offline marketing and business finance. But if it’s a single-issue blitz on the online essentials you’re after, then these four rigorous morning sessions will hit the Reset button and measurably upgrade your performance. 

Book your place – there is no cost to you however we will need to ask you to complete a short form for our funders.

Organiser InFocus (Unlocking Potential)
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