Intellectual Property Masterclass

Organiser: Intellectual Property Office

The Masterclass runs Monday to Friday from around 10am to 1pm each day, with some days starting later/finishing earlier.

Before registering, please note the following:

  • Commitment to the entire week is required if attending. If there are concerns about being able to meet these attendance requirements, please email [email protected] and we can discuss,
  • Attendees are required to complete IP Equip as a prerequisite. The Masterclass can be technical, and IP Equip offers a fantastic basic knowledge of IP delivered through 4 short modules, which should take about an hour to complete. It is free and is accessible immediately, even if you do not wish to attend the Masterclass. IP Equip can be accessed here:

If the January dates are not convenient, these Masterclasses run throughout the year:


January 17th-21st
February 14th-18th
March 14th-18th
April 4th-8th
May 9th-13th
June 13th-17th
July 18th-22nd

September 12th-16th
October 10th 14th
November 14th-18th

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