The theme for this year’s Cornwall Business Week is ‘Celebrating Success’ and over the course of the week, we will be sharing the stories and journeys of some of our clients and finding out what success means to them.

To kickstart the week, our Business and Skills Connectors offer their own top tips for success.

Trust and Delegate – Trish Peacock, Skills Connector

“For microbusinesses in particular – Trust and Delegate!”

It means you can train, develop and motivate your staff and you can focus on your business. It helps to delegate work in satisfying mini projects or chunks of work where staff can take a lead and be responsible, for example, taking ownership of social media rather than just administrative tasks.

Know your market – Josh Hoole, Skills Hub Manager 

“Understand your market and develop a strategy for success.”

It is key to recognise who your market is, what appeals to them and how you can reach them. This will help inform how you can develop your business strategy to meet their needs and demands.

Simplicity – Chris Philips, Senior Business Connector

“Business is actually quite straight forward. Simplify, and focus on the right things.”

It’s easy to get caught up with the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business, keep your mind focussed and take time out to check in with what your key aims and goals are.

What’s your ‘Why’? – Matt Borne, Business Connections Manager

“For start-ups it’s important to understand why you’re going into business, and what you want or need from the business.

If you can attach a measurable outcome to this, so much the better. For example, ‘I want to have sales of £100k by year 3.’

Giving yourself something to aim for, that links back to your fundamental driver, is the first step in developing a sound business strategy.

It’s also important for established businesses not to lose sight of this, to periodically ask themselves ‘Why did I go into business? Is it giving me what I want/need?’

The answer could be in terms of work/life balance, income, status, or fulfilling your life’s passion/dream.”

Speak to your customers in their language – Christina Hunnings, Business Connector

  • Is your service or product what your customers want?
  • When you advertise to your customers, are you addressing their needs?
  • Is it easy for them to identify with what you are saying?
  • Are you speaking their language?

It’s easy to fall in to the trap of telling a customer why you think they should buy from you. You are proud of the product/service you have created, and you want to tell the world why it’s cool, unique and how it will make a difference, but do they want it?

Also, if you are trying to speak to everyone at once, it’ll be lost in the sea of generic voices. Identify who your customers are and what problem you will be solving, then talk to them as though you were talking to an individual. This way, they are more likely to respond and engage with you and your business.

Make sure you keep up to date with trends and your customers’ changing needs to keep that dialogue relevant. Your customers will help you become successful.

We’d love to hear your top tip for success, join in the discussion online using the hashtag #CornwallBizWeek.