Frequently Asked Questions

We are part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Cornwall Council, the Department for Business Innovations and Skills and the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership.

So it’s thanks to them we can help get your business moving.

The Team has a contract to deliver the Growth Hub project and for us, it’s business as usual. We are committed to helping businesses in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly and will continue to do so for the duration of the project.
We are here to guide you to the right support information from across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and nationally.

But we are not providing direct business advice or delivering support activity.

The information on the Growth Hub is available to all businesses.

If you’re a pre start-up, start-up or established small or medium sized enterprise (SME) based in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly and have an ambition to grow, then we can offer you some additional support.

Our Business Navigators  are there to better understand your business needs and can refer you on to some additional support either with us or from one of our partners.

Our Business Connectors can spend more time face to face to look at your plans for growth, create a practical action plan and introduce you to the right business support partners for you.

By registering with the Growth Hub you not only get access to a wide range of business information, but you can also create your own profile and business directory listing, share your news and views and much, much more.

It all starts with registration. You have nothing to lose. So do it now!

The Knowledge Tank is a list of organisations that offer business information, advice and/or support.
By completing the full registration you can be signposted to the best resources to assist you with your business development.
All organisations on the Knowledge Tank offer free or reduced cost business information, advice or support available to businesses and individuals looking to start a business.

The organisations may be local, national, European or International and may offer funding, information, advice or business resources.

If you offer free or reduced cost business information please get in touch with your organisation name, contact details, scheme name and a brief outline of what you can supply.

We are impartial so we can’t refer you to commercial organisations, however, take a look at our Business Directory where you can find companies offering some of the specialist services you may need. Also, if you are registered with us, you can add your own business listing so companies can find you!
When you have completed your login you can fill out your Hub profile and enter your business on the directory.

Got some big news? Why not put it share it in a news post right here on our site. Or if you have a great idea for a blog let us know.

We are a team of experienced professionals with a wealth of skills and knowledge in business support, communication and digital development.  We will be focusing that collective experience towards achieving our goal; to be the best Growth Hub in the country and the ‘go to’ place for business information.  Want to meet the team?

Profile FAQs

No problem, you can reset your password here
Image of a social tab

We’ve enabled the ability to you to be able to quickly login into the website using the popular social media channels Facebook and Twitter. The first two icons represent the channels you are connected too. Next if you have any new contact requests, you will see a number notification here and also if you’ve received any messages, you’ll see a number next to the messages icon. Finally, a little remote control box, which currently points to the more popular areas of our website.

Click on any of the icons to go the the relevant section of the website to connect to your social accounts or view to contact requests and messages.

Adding contacts on our website is a great way to introduce yourselves and to get to know each other.

You can add a contact simply by viewing profiles and clicking on the Add Contact button to the right of their profile nav bar.

Image of a users profile tab

This will sent off an email to the person you wish to connect with, who can then decide whether they wish to connect with you.

If they do, you’ll receive a notification in your profile.

Now you can chat with them, re-visit their profile and click on the Chat button.

Image of a users profile tab

This will take you to the messaging tab on your nav bar, whereupon you can send your first message to them.

Image of profile complete imageThere’s lots of opportunities to get noticed on the Growth Hub website and as we grow our community far and wide, it’s a really good idea for you to make the most of what’s available to you.

Some of the ways you can complete your profile include adding a business listing, submitting guest blogs, adding your social media accounts and lots more.

Let’s see if you can get to Growth Hub Zendom!

Our website gives you the ability to customise your profile with a profile and cover image.

Because we have to adhere to server restraints, we need to ensure all images uploaded to our website are optimised, therefore sometimes we need to put restraints on the size of images and the image types that can be uploaded.

For profile images, we always recommend using the .JPG format, we will accept .GIF or .PNG too, but .JPG is the best format to use for photographic images of yourself.

The profile scripts ideally run well with images that are saved to 300-400 pixels wide by 300-400 pixel high.

For cover images, this increases to 1920 pixels wide by 400-450 pixels high.

If you use Facebook or LinkedIn, you can save your profile images from there and they should already be optimised for uploading to our site. But if you have an image you’d like to use, we recommend a file size no greater than 240-250Kb.

There are a number of online sites, that allow you to upload, resize and save optimised images, here’s one of them.

You can ask us any questions you have via Facebook by clicking on the button below.
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