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    Free business review

    When you complete the GAS tool, we’ll arrange a meeting for you with one of our business connectors who will visit you for a FREE business review.

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    Guidance And Support

    The Growth Hub is here to help you find the right support for business growth. When you’ve signed up, Get Some GAS to start your Growth Hub journey.

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    Free Business Listing

    The Growth Hub is a great place to advertise your business and meet potential customers. It’s also good for your company’s online search rankings.

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    Access to our Knowledge Tank

    We have a huge resource of information on business support opportunities and services and details of providers all in one place.

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    Blast your business to the next level

    When you complete the Guidance And Support tool, you’ll be fuelling yourself up for your journey to business growth.

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    If you want find out about business events around Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly you can do that with a Growth Hub account. You can add your own events too.

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    Promote your products and services

    With a Growth Hub account, you can tell people about what you do and what you sell.

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    Share your business news & views

    Growth Hub members can share their business news, industry knowledge and expertise by uploading content to our news pages.