In Residence Scheme

1:1 support with academics and access research expertise, facilities, data, to help refine innovative ideas.

Taking innovative ideas to the next stage


Enterprise need: The opportunity to take time out from everyday activities to work with academics to address an issue or develop innovations, to apply for other grant funding to take ideas to the next stage. Enterprises need support to develop early-idea innovations such as evidencing demand for innovation, that it is good product/service, help with developing idea, how to properly validate idea or evidence there is a gap in the market.

Offer: Enterprises are compensated for their time for up to 12 days engaging with an individual researcher – or research team – in early-stage discussions over a 3-month period. We help de-risk enterprise entry into the RD&I process, enabling early-stage capacity building to test innovation potential and establish the value of the idea to the enterprise.

Format: 1:1 support, creating a pathway for enterprises to have detailed discussions with academics and access research expertise, facilities, data, and networks to help refine ideas so there's a clear business plan/idea of what delivering, why and what hope outcomes will be.

Delivered by: Research Fellows and sector experts from the University.

Case study examples: 

Akumen – Developing artificial intelligence technology to support mental health care:

CNC Craft – Teaching digital manufacturing skills using WikiHouse:

Wild Wonder & Wisdom – Using technology to measure impact:


The University of Exeter has been commissioned to deliver the EVOLVE FUTURES project on behalf of the Growth Hub by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund as part of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Good Growth Programme



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