Isles of Scilly Access to Training Fund

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Living on the Isles of Scilly does not have to be a cost barrier to accessing training.

The cost of getting to (or back from) the mainland should not hold you back from accessing national training schemes, thanks to the Access to Training Fund.  

This fund sets a level playing field for businesses on the Isle of Scilly with those in Cornwall for accessing training courses.   

Isles of Scilly businesses can access skills training and work based learning opportunities without incurring the extra cost associated with transport links or accommodation in Cornwall.  The fund will cover those costs.   

It is also possible for the fund to pay for a training provider to get to the Isles of Scilly to deliver training.  This is ideal if there are several employees (from 1 or more businesses) needing the training. 

While this fund doesn’t cover the cost of training, we will work to find the most cost-effective training for you. 

Interested? To get started with the Access to Training Fund email: [email protected] 



What types of training are considered within the funding scheme?
Almost any training that has been identified in your Skills Review that helps your business grow is eligible, for instance:

  • Apprenticeships (e.g. electrical, plumbing, customer service, hospitality)
  • Training to help your business diversify, e.g. dog grooming, specialist floor laying, barbering, childminding, mental health nursing; providing scope to respond to business needs on the islands through shaping support provision
  • Specialist training to deliver a service e.g. foot trimming for cattle, beauty courses, counselling, gas certification.
  • General business courses e.g. cloud computing, marketing, making tax digital, WordPress, marketing and accessing customers in Cornwall

Will the scheme fund travel between islands?
Yes, if the travel is a barrier for you to access training covered within the scheme.

Will the fund pay for onward travel on the mainland?To a point, the purpose of the fund is to support businesses on the Isles of Scilly by covering costs that inhibit them from accessing the same training as any business nationally. We want to make your costs no more than someone from Cornwall attending the same course. But, at the same time, not cheaper.

Will it pay for accommodation?
Yes, it will fund accommodation where someone in Cornwall would have been able to travel from and to their home on the same day.

When will I be reimbursed?
We aim to reimburse you within 7 working days. This is dependent on whether your business has registered as a Cornwall Council supplier and that you have provided compliant evidence of the relevant costs.

What if I incur costs do to the delay or cancellation of travel to or from the mainland?
You should have business insurance in place to cover the cost of delays.

What if the travel costs change between fund approval date and purchase date?
We would expect the costs on the application to be accurate, however the fund will pay the 'actual' costs providing this is the most cost-effective solution.