Christiana Richardson

Engagement Assistant

I started a career in Journalism over 10 years ago and have always enjoyed celebrating people’s successes in print and online.

I love living in Cornwall – not just because of the pasties and beaches.

It is so exciting to hear about people following their dreams and creating new businesses.

The business idea that I'm secretly plotting  I’ve always loved the idea of owning a book shop and café. What could be better than a piece of cake, oat milk cappuccino and a good book?

My perfect day involves... A coastal walk followed by a cappuccino, a piece of cake and a good book.

Business hero... Beyonce.

I'm always best remembered for my... flapjacks. I love making those sticky, sugary treats.

My skills gap confession... I always wanted to learn how to be a fire eater. Someone did offer to teach me but then I got scared, imagining the fire burning my tongue.