Clair Murray

Skills Connector

Business connections

Clair relocated to Cornwall from Hampshire 15 or so years ago. An expert in skills connection, her career specialities revolve around recruitment and management and has a flair for event organisation, training and apprenticeships. Alongside her role at the Skills Hub, Clair is a Councillor for Porthleven Town Council, the village where she and her children call home.

My perfect day involves: being somewhere hot and sunny and near the sea. When the sun is shining in Cornwall, there’s no better place!

Business hero: Richard Branson as even when the odds are against him he never gives up and learns from his mistakes. I would like to be like that.

Local businesses that I salute: I love get Fruity Bars. It’s a Cornish company started from a passionate creative idea. I can relate to the business as I am a mother of two children and want to look for healthy options for them to eat.