Kelly Fegan

Business Connector

If I was a stick of rock, cutting me in half would reveal wobbly red lines saying ‘making a difference’ because inside, that is what I am all about. 

Originally a Man of Kent, and previously an executive for 30+ years in London, after a lifetime of visiting, I inevitably laid down Cornish roots back in 2012.   In the time that has since passed, I have severed ties with my corporate past and started two businesses of my own including a long-held ambition of owning my own bar.  I’ve been on several business journeys including taking start-ups through to trade sales and, like parenting, these journeys don’t get easier, they just change.  But life without change is life standing still and who wants that? But making successful changes often calls for help and support and when the call comes, I’m ready and keen to answer.

At home, I’m a poor gardener, I’m OK at DIY, I’m stuck in the 80s musically and love most sports.  Oh, I also love getting around Cornwall (and beyond occasionally) in our motorhome.

  • My perfect day involves... learning some new trivia and boring my wife with it.  This works especially well whilst reading.
  • Career highlight... escaping a military coup in Ecuador whilst visiting the government being removed
  • If I could give start-up's one piece of advice... Don’t mistake friendliness with friendship.