Richard Gibbons

Business Navigator

Throughout my entire working life I have enjoyed building and helping to build, relationships with Businesses and Business professionals, whether that be as Financial advisor Personal Account manager or their own Business to Business pension specialist and in every case, as in my role here as Business Navigator that process starts with a single simple step, the opening of a friendly conversation.

It has taken me a mere 33 years to complete a move to Cornwall a place I first fell in love with at the age of 20, oh dear I seem to have given my age away! Suddenly it was no longer sufficient to visit here once or twice a year, so my wife and I gave in to the lure of this beautiful place and finally made Cornwall our home.

You may spot me out and about at music venues or pubs and clubs as my abiding passion (outside the growth hub of course!) is writing songs, playing guitar and singing in an acoustic music duo.

I am passionate about helping Cornwall’s economy grow through my work here at the Growth Hub, after all I live here now, so why wouldn’t I be?  if I can put something back into the socio-economic mix by my efforts, however small then that will make me especially proud!