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22 Mar 2017
We drive 556,764 miles in our lifetime
The average British motorist will clock up a staggering 556,764 miles, fork out £168,880 and 2,709 episodes of road rage in their lifetime, according to new research. Researchers studied UK motorists to reveal an average lifetime of driving, with the typical driver spending nearly seventy thousand pounds on fuel over the course of their lives. They will also wrack up ...
22 Mar 2017
Prevention of Google YouTube Ads Appearing Alongside Extremist Material
Google was in the headlines this weekend after organisations including the British Government, Channel 4, The Guardian and the BBC started pulling their Google ads on YouTube. This is following a recent investigation by The Times which found adverts from major brands appearing alongside content from supporters of extremist groups.
22 Mar 2017
The two essentials for crowdsourcing success revealed
Companies must give both proactive and reactive attention to contributors to make crowdsourcing successful, new research from ESMT Berlin reveals, despite the advice being against natural inclinations. Professor Linus Dahlander studied the crowdsourcing efforts of over 20,000 companies. He revealed that whether organisations succeed or fail in crowdsourcing can be explained by two actions they take. Instead of waiting for ...
20 Mar 2017
Help Your Staff Pass the Life in the UK Test
Company and HR support for staff taking their Life in the UK Test can make all the difference. Here are some pointers that managers can pass on to help with revision.


08 Mar 2017
Spring Budget 2017 – the round up
Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his first spring budget. Here is round up of the announcements.


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