Curio, Cornwall’s pioneering artisan distillery, is celebrating a month of awards and exciting news. Their  flagship gin – Curio Rock Samphire – has scooped a top award in the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC). This time Curio Rock Samphire was presented with a gold medal with a judge’s score of 90% to 92.9%, moving up from their silver medal last year.

Curio director and head distiller William Tyler-Street said: “The award is particularly special as only 14 gins worldwide were awarded a gold medal this year in the same category.  Curio is certainly making an impact on the international gin market.”

William, and his wife Rubina who is a partner in Curio Spirits Company, are also celebrating the news that Tyler-Street Gin – another popular gin from the Curio stable – was awarded two silver medals in the IWSC.

This is the outcome of years of hard work, and dedication, not forgetting the support of family, friends and their fans.

Curio Rock Samphire Gin is a quadruple-distilled premium gin is infused with 15 fragrant botanicals including Kombu seaweed and the signature rock samphire, which is hand-foraged from the nearby clifftops.

Tyler-Street Gin is distilled from a vintage copper pot still for authenticity and flavour and is citrus-orientated with ten traditional botanicals from the Mediterranean and Europe, designed to be a perfect match for tonic with a hint of dryness and spice overtones.

While Curio has been respectably expanding with new outlets across the UK and as far away as Hong Kong, news of a new supply deal with Ei Group, the largest pub company in the UK, is set to take the award-winning gins even further.

Ei Group owns or operates c4,600 pubs across England and Wales, all of which will now have the option to stock Curio Rock Samphire Gin and Tyler-Street Gin, distributed by Carlsberg UK.

Rubina said: “This is a huge step-up in our number of potential outlets and broadens our scope for expansion.”

In its mission to become more responsible with its products, Curio is currently undergoing a process to adapt its Curio Spirits bottles and source bespoke packaging. At the moment Curio bottles are not made with 100% recycled glass. The bottles contain flint, which gives the tone of the glass a lighter look, and is considered premium: but it comes at a cost for both Curio and the environment.

Rubina added: “Curio is, of course, premium in all that it produces and proud of it, but we want the packaging to embody an environmentally-driven ethos and become entirely recycled.”

If Curio manages to complete this mission, it will be the first spirit company in Cornwall and one of very few in the UK to be bottling its products in a 100% recycled bottle. In keeping with this mission, Curio is also replacing the glass stoppers in its bottles with recyclable wooden ones. The new labels will be printed on recyclable paper. Not only will this mean that Curio products will be more environmentally friendly, as well as being locally sourced, it will also mean that the new bottles will be lighter and therefore require less fuel to transport.