Clair Murray from the Skills Hub argues in favour of ‘made’…

Clair Murray“Leaders naturally possess the social intelligence and charisma that motivates others to work together. Well, that’s what one camp says. The other argues that leaders are made – they build their skills with training, experience and mentoring.

Whilst both sides can be justified, research is increasingly swinging in favour of the latter with one such study by The Leadership Quarterly estimating that leadership is 24% genetic and 76% learned. It’s a view that we support here at the Skills Hub – it’s hard not to when we see it happening in businesses all around us. Training has the power to unlock hidden qualities and transform managers into leaders.

Businesses agree. In fact, leadership is one of the most common development requests that we encounter amongst businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Over a quarter of all the businesses that we support recognise it as having the greatest potential impact on productivity and long-term sustainability, and cite it as an area in which they are keen to invest.

Since the launch of the Skills Hub 18 months ago, we have connected many businesses to leadership training, ranging from taster workshops to professional qualifications. Businesses have a wide range of training options available to them, so we help them explore the possibilities and introduce them to the training solution that is right for them.

Fantastic training opportunities are currently available to businesses, some part-funded, so it is an ideal time to build leadership skills within your business and prove that leaders are made, not born.”

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