An estimated 6,500 Cornish businesses are stuck in the economic slow lane without access to superfast broadband – it’s costing jobs and holding back new start-ups, says Avanti Communications. If the businesses based in the rural, underserved locations across Cornwall had been connected to superfast broadband over the past 12 months, it would have led to between 520 and 1170 new jobs.

To liberate the potential of businesses across the whole of Cornwall and enable the most remote to reap the same rewards as those already connected, Avanti has slashed the price of its ERDF business satellite superfast broadband scheme by an average of 63%.

Businesses can now have access to superfast download speeds of up to 40Mbps and upload speeds of up to 6Mbps from less than £1 per day by using the very latest satellite technology.

These Cornish communities have been underserved and are missing out on being able to grow their businesses. They have not had access to the fundamental basics of being able to communicate with their customers and employees. We are enabling Cornish businesses and entrepreneurs to have access to our superfast satellite broadband service to encourage growth in the Cornish market by delivering access no matter where they are located.

Belinda Silous

Chief Sales Officer, Avanti Communications

Other business benefits of superfast broadband access include:

·         75% of businesses save time and/or money by being connected.

·         46% of businesses use it to help generate sales, win new business contracts and access new markets.

·         39% use it to develop new goods or services.

Details on the business impact of staying unconnected can be found in Avanti Communication’s new report Better Connected: The Business Impact of poor Broadband in Rural Cornwall.