The Cornwall Council How Do You Get Yours campaign is focussed on increasing the activity levels of residents, encouraging them to get up off the sofa, step outside and get moving.

Research confirms that to stay healthy, adults should be active for 150 minutes a week – to the point of being slightly out of breath, or exercise vigorously for 75 minutes a week, yet most of us are not achieving this. Additionally, stats show that only 12% of the population of Cornwall use the outdoors to be active, yet we live in one of the most rural/beautiful counties in England, with a wide range of natural environments ripe for exploring, all for free.

Do you get yours every week?

To stay healthy as adults, we each need to be active for 150 minutes a week, yet most of us aren’t managing to. Living in Cornwall, we are lucky enough to have a range of natural environments on our doorstep, ripe for exploring and all for free.

We don’t even have to travel to a beach or the countryside. There’s lots to explore straight from our own front door, even if it’s just a walk around the local neighbourhood. It’s about finding any opportunity to be a bit more active.

And there are plenty of ways to do it, from solo fun to getting together with friends or finding new friends by joining a group or club. All that is required is a desire to stand up and walk out the door. Hobbies such as taking photographs can be tweaked to include more activity and even household chores such as cleaning and vacuuming can be dialled up to get the blood pumping.

There’s no need to worry about owning the latest gym wear, state of the art trainers or fitness trackers either.

Motivation is key and with a natural playground at our fingertips, it really doesn’t take much to set the heart racing and those feel-good endorphins flowing. Be it swapping driving for walking, donning some gloves and getting stuck into some gardening or trying some yoga in your front room, being active is different for everyone, all you have to do is discover just how you will get yours.

You can find out how to get more active on the How do you get yours webpage

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