These days it’s not enough to be great at your core business. You’ve also got to be great at the creative side.

Without a website, social media presence and marketing materials, a brilliant product will still be brilliant but no one will know about it. Marketing turns products into profitable businesses with a customer base and sales platform. Yet this is where many businesses fall down.

“By far, the most common skills gap among local businesses is digital marketing,” comments Josh Hoole, Project Manager of the Skills Hub which helps businesses recognise the skills gaps that exist within their teams and introduce them to relevant training.

“Approximately 1 in 3 of the Skills Reviews that we conduct with businesses, flag it as an area in need of improvement to move the business forward. General marketing and IT skills aren’t far behind, as is sales.

“To an extent, all of these skills fall under the creative umbrella which is interesting given Cornwall’s flourishing reputation in the creative sector. The good news though is that there is an abundance of training options available to help businesses upskill in the likes of digital marketing. They just need to know where to look and work out which option is right for them which is where the Skills Hub comes in.”

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On a free and independent Skills Review, the Skills Hub works with businesses on a one-to-one basis to audit the skills that currently exist with their teams and identify skills that would be of most benefit, either to improve productivity, or in the case of creative skills, take the business to new audiences.

“Very often the businesses that we meet have an initial view of what skills they need,” continues Josh. “However by chatting their business operations through with one of our expert Skills Connectors, we are able to help them reveal training needs that they never knew existed and have the potential to transform the business.”

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Written by: Julia Hughes
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