It was a long way down but the distance didn’t stop customers taking the journey from Scotland to Cornwall to have their campervan conversion carried out by Chilli Jam Vans.

Distance really doesn’t matter with Skype, Facetime and What’s App allowing us to keep in touch with our customers
Brett Gray
The Volkswagen Transporter T5 and T6 specialist based in Goldsithney near Penzance has recently completed its biggest custom project to date for a client 550 miles from its base, based in Edinburgh.

“Distance really doesn’t matter with Skype, Facetime and What’s App allowing us to keep in touch with our customers,” business partner Brett Gray said.

“Pete was virtually in the garage with us being part of the build and actively imputing his ideas as the project moved forward.

“It was an outstanding showcase to demonstrate that we are not restricted to just Cornwall but can successfully complete unique custom projects for customers based anywhere in the UK, and beyond.”

Customer Pete Davidson said choosing the right converter for his van was important. He said: “After all, this was singularly the second biggest purchase of our lives after our house, so we had to get it right.

“After speaking to Brett from Chilli Jam Vans I was sold and I said to my wife I had found the guy to help fulfil our dream.

“That’s great she said, where are they? Goldsithney in Cornwall,” I replied. “But we live in Edinburgh?”

“Some may think we were mad to decide to go with a converter at the very opposite end of the country, but four solid weeks of research every day had quickly taught me that knowledge, skill, approach and above all honesty and attitude were going to be the difference between us getting the exact van we wanted at the best price possible.

“It was one of the best experience in my life.”

Owner Jane Reynolds said: “We’d seen the work in progress and could tell it was top quality, and loved the idea of proper, strong colour.

“We added in some ideas of our own, and suggestions from friends who already have conversions. Brett and Kat were also invaluable with the practicalities of planning.

“From the start we knew we wanted the biggest bed possible. We’re in our fifties and like a bit of comfort so Brett took that as a starting point, and worked around that.

The Edinburgh project was closely followed by two local conversions. The first was on a little neglected mid-top T5 called the “Old Bluey”. The van in Danish blue was given a whole new lease of life with the inside of the van completely transformed to a modern campervan.

Chilli Jam Vans then worked on a brand new Volkswagen Transporter T6 for a couple from Helston who took their cue from Bluey.

“We also knew we wanted a fridge, but could cope with cooking outside under an awning, so that was the next piece in the jigsaw. It was then up to Brett to find ways to maximise storage around our needs, and boy has he done it.

“As well as the big bits and bobs, we love the little touches, like the reading lights on stalks, and the retractable coat hooks in the back, features we found ourselves using straight away on our first weekend away.”