If you’ve read our blog on appraising appraisals you’ll know the importance of appraisals. By playing an integral role in the open line of communication between manager and employee, they boost productivity, improve morale and nip problems in the bud before they grow.

But just how do you make appraisals meaningful and avoid the all-to-common pitfalls that turn them into boring, do-them-because-I-have-to exercises? Read on to find out!

4 tips to make appraisals work


1. Be specific

Appraisals structured to be as brief as possible have no depth or specificity to bring value to either the employer or the employee. Providing explicit examples of either good or bad conduct will help maintain or improve performance.

2. Be prepared

Related to the first piece of advice, invest in the time needed to properly prepare for appraisals. If you have more than one employee to review, stagger them so you can give each employee the attention he or she deserves. Get your employee to assess themselves first and make sure your documentation is good. Download your free toolkit here.

3. Be persistent

Reviews shouldn’t be over once they’re over. Follow up on the goals you and your employee set during the meeting, keep HR in the loop and continue to offer feedback.

4. Be open

Remember this is a two-way process and your employee may have ideas or opinions which don’t match with yours. Be open to their suggestions, ideas or even criticism and weigh up each one with an open mind.

Remember appraisals can be powerful tools

Appraisals can give employees the space to know they’re doing well, meeting their goals, and making progress on their career paths.

When used correctly, appraisals create a strong line of communication between manager and employee that stays open to update on progress, offer congratulations, tweak performance issues, and improve workplace morale.

You should be communicating the good and bad with your team on a daily basis not just once or twice a year!

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