Inclusion Week is coming to Cornwall - are you ready?

By The Inclusivity Project - 14th September 2020

Join Inclusion Week and let everyone know how much YOU care in your business about understanding diversity and creating workplace wellbeing!

The Inclusivity Project is teaming up with forward-thinking local organisations to bring you weeklong extravaganza of online events around healthy and inclusive workplaces.

The events will run from 28th Sept- 2nd October, and our programme is part of National Inclusion Week. Register to hear the full schedule of events, get invites, reminders and replays, here:

We're going to have open conversations about business resilience, staff retention, unconscious bias and we hope to hear from YOU about what local businesses really need to be happy, healthy places to work.

You can join a whole network of organisations that have so much to share about diversity and wellbeing.

From CHAOS to Age UK CIoS, disAbility Cornwall to our Local Enterprise Partnership, through to local businesses showcasing the inclusion innovations they have created - you can join in Inclusion Week and shout about your values.

At this moment of returning to work...

  • Perhaps you're making difficult decisions about your staff, and wondering how to keep your core staff well despite maintaining the same productivity you had with larger team.
  • Perhaps you're looking to protect your workers' wellbeing and keep your team integrated despite some working remotely and others in the office?
  • Perhaps you're wondering how to adapt your spaces to safely welcome the widest range of customers?
  • Maybe, in the light of Black Lives Matter, you're wondering how to respond as a business to the diversity agenda?
  • Or do you have an idea for a new product, or service, that could help others increase their workplace wellbeing?

We'll be touching on all areas of diversity & wellbeing during Inclusion Week.

Monday: Do you dare to uncover your Unconscious Bias?: We will be hosting a Facebook Live, where a *special guest* will take the Unconscious Bias online test in real time - you can see what it's like, watch their reaction to their result, and help them understand what to do if they do find they have some bias so that it doesn't imbalance their behaviour in the workplace. You'll also learn where you can take a bias test yourself, for free!

Tuesday: Are you ready to be inclusive to all customers? We will be working with our partner DisAbility Cornwall, looking at inclusion for people with disabilities, and hearing about how their 'kitemark' Every Customer Counts scheme works for businesses.

Wednesday: How businesses have unlocked the inclusion & wellbeing market with their services. We are going delve into the business support and grants that The Inclusivity Project offers, and showcase some of the businesses we have helped, and the innovations they have developed.

Thursday: Your 50+ Workforce After The Covid-19 Crisis: On the International Day of Older Persons, we will explore the inclusion of older workers with a webinar featuring speakers such as Tracey Roose from Age UK Cornwall, Mary Bright, and some people with lived experience of being 50+ in the workplace.

Friday: Ask us about inclusion: Cornwall Link Twitter Q&A focusing on health & inclusion.

We are so excited about the lineup we have for you, and hope you'll take time out of your busy schedule to join us to discuss, share and learn.

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