MOR Workspace Pioneers Cornish Pro-Working

By MOR Workspace - 09th September 2019

Newquay-based organisation, Mor Workspace, is providing working environments with the launch of a unique, market-leading Cornish ‘pro-working’ concept. The new Mor pro-working concept is based around four key cornerstones: Pro-ductivity, Pro-activeness, Pro-fessionalism and Pro-lifestyle.  

The four blend to create the ultimate concept for Cornish working culture and life outside of the office space, a ‘work hard/play hard and thrive’ mentality that the Mor team is leading amongst its growing community of tenants, members and wider network. An evolution of hot desking and co-working, ‘pro-working’ is establishing itself in cities as an add-on to shared office spaces with a range of first class spaces and service options.

However, Mor Workspace has evolved this thinking, creating a new Cornish pro-working model that delivers for individuals and companies of all shapes, sizes and types, and also provides a unique focus on out-of-work ‘pro-lifestyle’ benefits and balance, which is why most people choose to relocate or stay in Cornwall.

Set within a geographically blessed location including great transport links, walking distance to shops and Newquay’s golden beaches with ample onsite parking and private green spaces, Mor offers a set of  private office spaces, all leading off of the stylish open co-working desks and spaces, the Mor team has added a menu of pro-ductivity, and pro-fessionalism orientated business services including a virtual receptionist, virtual office services, a private phone room, a selection of private meeting spaces and use of conference and event space.

The Mor team can also access a range of admin, IT, research, management and consultancy services for its members as part of its pro-working concept and can also provide business start-up and funding support via its relationship with Acceleration Through Innovation and other innovation support teams. However, Mor’s new pro-working solutions are as much about what the community members can experience outside of normal working hours and are all about taking advantage of the stunning surroundings.  

The new pro-lifestyle community options include kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, surfing, sea swimming and snorkelling sessions as well as golf meets, all enjoyed with MOR members favourable discounts with local organisations.  The ‘MOR’ WhatsApp Groups also regularly provide social and local recommendations to all new and existing members. Mor also offers a range of on-site pro-lifestyle options and opportunities including a surf drying and storage room, regular car valeting services, visiting street food vans and yoga and fitness classes.

A pioneer in Cornish hot desking for over three years, Mor Workspace now has over 2,000 people within its extended community, with over 50 working from its base in Newquay. Most Mor members work flexibly from the space, with members and clients commuting from London, Bristol and Leeds, and the continual collaboration outputs between members both locally, and across the country, are impressive.

Newquay Airport has increased its flights from major UK cities, including business capital London (4 flights per day into Heathrow) which has helped MOR to widen its connection to those main cities, enabling visitors to work near the coast when it suits them. Mor’s new Cornish pro-working concept evolved after founder Matt Miller noticed an interesting transition in how both their regular, and occasional, community members were utilising, and benefiting from, their initial hot desking, and small office, spaces. As a result, Mor has honed and developed a new set of tailored services, and matching larger office spaces, within their workspace building to provide the ultimate mix in private and collaborative open spaces for all types of businesses and individuals, backed-up by the unique set of supportive Mor services.

Matt Miller says, “The concept of hot desking swiftly evolved into co-working, and a number of city-based workspaces are now offering their version of pro-working.  However, in Cornwall, we see the majority of our Mor colleagues sharing the belief that the ultimate luxury is found in time, and in embracing what we have now termed a pro-lifestyle, both in and out of work. That’s why we’ve innovated both our extensive open shared space, and our private working office options, as well as created a unique menu of Mor Cornish pro-working supportive services and opportunities.

Matt continues, “The other major transition that we’ve seen is the move from co-working spaces being used only by start-up, creative or tech businesses or individuals.  What we’ve witnessed over the past three years is a number of companies who want to have a slice of those pro-lifestyle and networking benefits – on either a full or part time basis.  So here at Mor we have a full range of professional services, businesses and organisations of all sizes working from our private office spaces, but all enjoying, and benefitting from, the pro-active surrounding services, community culture and set-up.  This is why we’re launching Cornish pro-working, as we see this already in action in our extensive workspace.’


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