A brand-new start-up company from Falmouth has won an exclusive package of business support worth £3250 in the Growth Hub’s summer prize draw to Spread The Word about business support.

“We’ve been developing the idea for a few months. Initially it came out of a frustration that nothing similar existed, followed quite swiftly by a realisation that it could. Everyone we speak to about Packshare seems to have the same reaction – we all want to reduce our waste, but the problem is not knowing who might need it.” – Roo Pescod

Roo Pescod and Louisa Street are the developers behind the innovative Packshare app and website which helps people find other local small businesses who can reuse waste packaging, is the lucky winner.

Packshare logoBusinesses create a page on the app, where they list what packaging they can reuse. Other businesses can then search the app by the packaging they’re hoping to get rid of and it lists the five nearest businesses who can reuse it. This prevents unnecessary recycling of perfectly good materials and reduces the amount of brand new packaging that needs to be brought into the local area. In turn this means less materials are wasted, businesses save money and less ends up in landfill and the ocean.

The aim of the Spread the Word campaign was to get people sharing their business support experiences and the impact it has had on their business, so other business owners don’t miss out.

Roo explains why he wanted to spread the word about how the Growth Hub helped him. “Meeting with Jacqui was extremely useful. Her advice on who to target in the early stages of promotion, as well as her knowledge of waste law and working in the sector, were a great help. She was really friendly and enthusiastic about our business and any potential issues or risks were dealt with as problems to overcome, rather than barriers to progress. 

 The support Growth Hub were able to offer us was ideal and we quickly passed on details to other friends who are in the process of setting up small businesses. There just isn’t a down side to getting more help and support, especially if it’s your first business venture!”

 Packshare’s winning package of business support includes:

  • A Cornwall Council Rover pass for one year’s free parking
  • 12 month membership of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce
  • 1 year free entry to FSB Connect networking and events
  • 1-2-1 mentoring support from Unlocking Potential
  • Business diagnostic and action plan from Oxford Innovation
  • Advice from Cornwall Council Business Regulatory Support team
  • Social media video production from The Growth Hub

Cornwall Council Cabinet portfolio holder for Environment and Public Protection, Sue James, said it was fantastic to see a start-up focussed on creating a better environment.

“Reducing, reusing and recycling waste is one of our key actions as a Council. It’s great to see a start-up business doing work which is profitable as a business and positive for the planet. Congratulations Packshare – I look forward to seeing you go from strength-to-strength and I hope your success encourages other business to reach out to the Growth Hub for support.” Cllr James said.