Is it more effective to get the skills your business needs through recruitment or by developing current staff?

When Business Cornwall threw out the question to the local business community, a barrage of love for training followed…

People are the most important asset in any business so I’d argue that it’s best to maximise the potential of your current team so everyone is working smarter before looking to bring in new people. Continued investment in your staff increases their sense of job satisfaction, which improves motivation, and in turn reduces employee turnover whilst increasing productivity – which directly improves the profitability. And a business that runs impressive training programmes will be more attractive when you’re looking for that top-talented new recruit later down the line. 

Josh Hoole

Skills Hub

Wherever possible Spiral UK try and upskill people in the business. Our core team has been with us a long time and progressed ‘through the ranks’ so to speak. High end staircases are a pretty niche market so, with employment in the manufacturing industry in Cornwall being close to capacity, we prefer to recruit people with a work approach that suits the company and train them in the skills their role requires.

Eric Nicholls

Spiral UK

We believe that a business is only as good as its people. Aptitude can be developed, the right attitude cannot. When you are a growing business, it is crucial that you have a team in place that are prepared to embrace challenges and come up with solutions. In our experience, this means training the right people to become highly qualified individuals; people who are prepared to share their skills with colleagues and, in turn, take onboard new knowledge. This is what creates cohesion between a team, and ultimately a stronger firm.

Michelle Pearce


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