A new exhibition is currently being designed and installed at ShelterBox in their new headquarters in Truro due to open Saturday 1st July
With around 85 million people around the world being made homeless by either natural disaster or conflict, the work Shelterbox dedicates itself to, is transforming lives.

Shelterbox have commissioned 20/20 Projects of Falmouth, to create an exhibition within the ground floor of their Truro Headquarters.  The exhibition entitled The ShelterBox Experience will demonstrate the Aid Shelterbox provide and how they add value to communities facing disaster.

20/20 provided a creative response and pricing, and have been successful in winning the tender. The ShelterBox Experience is a tactile interactive array of the core provisional kit, and comprising of partitions made from their green shelter boxes.

To tell the Shelterbox story, interactive touch screens placed around the tents allows visitors to gain knowledge of their inspiring work. Standard screens and projectors display live news feeds from disaster zones around the world, with the addition of a class room for educational purposes.

The exhibition includes graphic displays to walls, ceilings and floor, an Impact Zone, an Aid Zone, a Delivery Zone and a life size rickshaw!  

The main exhibition area will include entry and exit portals and re-dressing the adjacent cafe space. The project completes in July and will be open to the general public from Sat 1st with a suggested donation on entry.   

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Written by: Polly Miller
2020 Projects: Sign Makers / Interior Design / Graphic Design
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