The Barkery UK, a Cornish based company has launched a brand-new online store for their luxury dog treats and gifts.

The premise behind the dog bakery is to provide healthy and nutritious dog treats which are still fun and allow owners to buy without guilt as there are no ‘nasties’ in the treats. The Barkery UK also uses ingredients which can provide health benefits.  In order to produce the treats, the company has been through a rigorous product development process involving dog nutritionists, vet input and laboratory testing.

‘We try each batch ourselves with a cup of tea to ensure they are tasty enough for our furry friends. We are only willing to offer them if we can stand behind them and because we use really good quality ingredients.’

‘We started the business because we could not find treats which clearly show what ingredients are used and which truly do not add things to them that dogs just do not need. Most treats use hidden sugars or unnecessary additives and preservatives. We believe we have created something a bit special, in that we stick to our values of keeping the treats as ‘clean’ as possible, using minimal high quality ingredients, and clearly labelling our products. More and more dog owners are realising that a dogs diet plays a big part in its overall health. There are a lot of dogs walking around these days with skin problems, bad teeth, and digestive issues. We are actively trying to bust the myth that dogs can eat anything.’

Jackson Lynn

Managing Director

dog licking lips at cupcake

The Barkery UK has also perfected a signature ‘doggy cream tea,’ which is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Jackson says, ‘we’ve formulated a special dog scone which dogs love and you smoother it with lashings of organic peanut butter. It comes with a dog friendly tea bag so they can have the full experience of a cream tea. Just allow the tea to cool before serving!’

The business prides itself on the processes they have put in place to ensure cleanliness and hygiene standards. Rebecca Kandola co-founder says, ‘just because the treats are for dogs does not mean you can be lax in your production process. All of our staff have to wear chef’s whites, hair nets and gloves when baking, handling and packaging the treats. We’ve worked closely with Trading Standards to ensure we are not only compliant with regulations but exceed what is expected.’